Kilby Parish Council

Serving the residents of Foston and Kilby

Clerk: Tina Cox
Willow Farm, Peatling Road
Ashby Magna, Leics LE17 5NW

Tel: 0116 247 8315

Who we are & what we do

Kilby Parish Council comprises 5 Parish Councillors, including the Chairman, who serve for a four year term from the date of the last election which was held in May 2015. If a vacancy occurs between elections then co-option may take place. Parish Councillors are volunteers and unpaid. Click here for more information about being a Parish Councillor.

The Parish Office address is Kilby Parish Council, c/o Willow Farm, , Peatling Road, Ashby Magna, Leicester LE17 5NW.

Council Meetings - see the diary of meetings for more information.

For further information relating to the services offered by the Parish Council please contact the Parish Office who will be happy to give advice and assistance.

What is a Parish Council?

Parish and town councils in England and community and town councils in Wales are the first tier of local government. They deliver a vast range of services at a community level.

There are around 10,000 community, parish and town councils in England and Wales, made up of nearly 100,000 councillors. These first-tier councils can respond to the needs of the community – delivering the services or representation it most needs.

At present, but not in all locations in England and Wales, there is a three-tiered structure of local government.

Town/Parish/Community Council

District/Borough Council

County Council

The Council as a Corporate Body

Parish Councils were created by statute in 1894 and have the power to raise money through taxation known as the precept, there is a range of powers for the Council to spend public money.

The Council is a single corporate body in law and no part can operate in isolation. All decisions made by the Council are the responsibility of the Council as a whole. A Council must do what the law requires it to and can undertake an activity only when a specific Act of Parliament allows it.

The Council has a duty to ensure that all the rules for the administration of the council are followed and is responsible for the policies, performance and activities.

The Parish Council is the 'grass root' tier of local government and has the ability to be closest to the Community to which it serves and represents, and has a duty to serve them all fairly and equitably taking into consideration different interests and concerns.

The Council can establish strong partnership links with the principal authorities such as the District Council, County Council and in some areas Unitary Councils to influence other decision makers for delivery of services to meet local needs and avoid double taxation.

Our Staff

Tina Cox

Parish Clerk

Willow Farm
Peatling Road
Ashby Magna
Leicestershire LE18 5NW
0116 2478315